Different Uses of HCG Diet Drops

The product may be referred to as HCG diet drops but it does not mean to say that it is manufactured for the sole purpose of making people lose weight. The main ingredient of the medication is human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is naturally produced in a pregnant woman’s body. It was not originally known for its capability to make anyone lose weight, but the symptoms associated with the first trimester of pregnancy gave some people an idea. Here are the different uses of HCG in its product form, whether it is in the form of HCG diet drops or injectable medicine.

As a weight loss supplement

weight lossWhenever people talk about bottled HCG, they are generally talking about weight loss plans. HCG has found to cause a loss in appetite, much like the one that is experienced by a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, a woman may experience nausea and loss of appetite. With the use of the HCG diet, however, two things can cause nausea: the hormone itself and the diet that is to be followed together with it. When on the HCG diet, you are expected to survive on 500 to 800 calories a day only, while being supplemented by HCG diet drops.

As a prescription fertility drug

HCGHCG naturally occurs in pregnant women. So even if we do not have full knowledge like our OBGYNs, we still have a little bit of an idea that it could, as a hormone, somehow help out women in some way. In fact, HCG as a medication is used as a prescription fertility drug. It is used to make ovulation happen. For those who have had problems with fertility and have even previously bought an ovulation kit, you know just how important ovulation is to fertility. The egg needs to be released first in order for it to be fertilized by sperm or pregnancy could not happen. Again, the fertility drugs that contain HCG should be bought with a prescription. Men can also benefit from the fertility drug. Through the use of HCG, they could improve their skin count. Fertility improved by HCG can cause multiple births.

As a reliever of compulsions

HCG diet dropsNot only does HCG promote weight loss, it promotes this by reducing your appetite for food. There are people who find themselves hungry or at least searching for food whenever they are stressed or bored. HCG diet drops could at least take away that particular compulsion. When you are taking the supplement, you do not just get rid of the fats; you may actually lose interest in ingesting the fats. Combine that with food repugnance that also happens during the first trimester of pregnancy and you may have solved your appetite problem. If only the supplement can also solve other compulsions.

As a cure to a pituitary disorder

Not only grown men and women can benefit from HCG diet drops. Young boys whose testicles had not dropped to their scrotum as expected can seek help from this hormone. It should, however, be observed if the HCG causes early puberty in the boys who take the supplement. The hormone can cause the deepening of voices, acne, growth of puberty, and excessive sweating.

HCG may be used for various purposes but it can also come with some unwanted side effects. You just have to make sure that the positive outweighs the negative when making your choice. While HCG does not necessarily harm even when taken at larger doses, you should immediately seek the help of a medical professional if you experience swelling of legs, pelvic pain, urinating less, abdominal distension, among others.