Keeping Your Golf Clubs In Good Condition

The importance of taking care of your golf clubs simply can’t be stressed enough. Simply put, the golf club is the most vital instrument in a golfer’s arsenal, and considering the amount of money anyone puts in them, taking care of golf clubs is crucial to significantly extend their life.

Keeping your clubs in good condition involves doing two things: proper storage and proper maintenance.

Proper Cleaning & Maintenance

Callaway golfGolf clubs are exposed to dirt and mud every time they’re used. During rainy days, they’re exposed to the elements even more. That’s why, it’s highly recommended to clean your clubs after each game, as dirt can easily build up over time. It can also stick to the club heads, and may leave an unpleasant smell to the grips.

There are a number of golf club cleaning kits available from different pro shops. However, if you can’t afford one, gathering a number of household items is more than enough to get started.

• For the club heads, you can simply wash off the dirt by soaking them in warm, soapy water, then scrubbing them off with a brush, also soaked in soapy water. Make sure to brush the heads vigorously, as the debris can get very deep into the club face. Afterwards, use a clean towel to dry them quickly and wipe off excess water from the clubs.

• For woods, extra care should be taken when cleaning them. Their glossy finish might be ruined if you let them soak in the water for too long, so it’s best to avoid doing that. Instead, simply dip them in soapy water for a very brief period of time, then wipe the rest of the debris with a moist cloth. If some debris still remains even after this, especially on the grooves in the club face, use a soft-bristled brush to remove it.

Golf Grips• To clean the grips, you need a warm water + mild detergent solution, and a towel. Simply soak the towel in the solution and use it to clean the grips. Care should be taken so as to not let any moisture get into the shaft. Afterwards, rinse it off with cold water. Don’t use very hot water when cleaning the grips, as that may cause the glue underneath to loosen. Once it’s done, simply dry the grips by wiping them with a dry towel. If some moisture has gotten into the shaft, dry it as well.

Also, check to see if the club has any worn areas, dents, nicks, and other damaged parts. If the grips are worn out, it might be a time to replace the grips themselves. If the shafts themselves are worn out, then it’s time to replace the whole club altogether.

For a quick cleanup during the game, you may also bring a towel around, then after each shot, you may wipe the excess dirt off your clubs with it. Make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your game, though.

Proper Storage

GolfThe best place to store your golf clubs, especially for long periods of time, is inside your home, since it’s the only place around that’s going to be temperature controlled. Only store your clubs in the garage when you’re going to use them again after a few days, to prevent moisture buildup. NEVER store your clubs in the trunk of your car, as that will cause them to develop scratches and dents every time your car moves. Besides, the heat inside the car can also damage the clubs, especially around the grips.

It’s also a good idea to cover the heads of your clubs with a head cover, to protect them from dents and nicks caused when the clubs hit each other. While it’s purely an optional choice for irons, it’s a necessity for woods and putters, due to the glossy finish that their heads have.

It’s always important to clean your gold clubs first before storing them, as any debris retained within them may harden on prolonged storage, thus making them harder to clean the next time around, ruining the value of your clubs.