Keep your Traditions Alive with can be your partner in keeping traditions alive with your relatives, special group of friends, and business colleagues through tokens in the form of challenge coins. Though the challenge coin has its roots from military traditions, it has slowly found its way to other sectors of the society as a symbol of kinship and affinity. In the corporate world, the coins have become tokens for excellence and pride, a symbol of achievement and the realization of goals.

Celebrating a milestone requires a special token, like the coin, which can be imbued with the significance of the occasion.

Challenge Coins The challenge coins from can be customized to contain elements of your milestone, for example, an anniversary, completion of a successful project or its launch, or simply a symbol of commitment and unity. In fact, these coins are collectible so you can use these to start a tradition in your company and commemorate every special occasion with a specially minted coin. You do not have to worry about the coins looking similar, because there are various options to consider in the design. Even when your company logo appears in each special occasion coin, you can introduce subtle differences in its creation to make it unique.

To order specially minted challenge coins for your company, just fill up the no obligation free quote form from to start the design process. You can choose the shape of the coin from the traditional ones with circular shape to uniquely shaped tokens like stars, insignias, and dog tags.

Uniquely shaped coins come without extra cost because the company employs a revolutionary mold process for creating custom shapes. After settling on the shape, provide all the elements that you want to be included in the design of the coin, such as images and scans, and any details that you want to include.

Customization of the challenge coins is not limited to their shape because you can have them finished in various ways. For example, you can have the coins crafted to have diamond cut edges, 3D design, engraved rim text, offset digital print, and finish these with epoxy coating or translucent enamel. Whatever design elements you want to consider, it can be adopted to produce a token, which is appropriate for the occasion you intend to use it for.

Design and quality of craftsmanship go hand in hand at

ChallengeCoins For anniversaries and milestones, you can have the challenge coins produced in the traditional polished gold or silver for a clean and flawless appearance, or opt for the more dramatic looking materials like black nickel, antique gold and antique silver. For other occasions, you can choose between antique and polished copper, antique and polished brass, and a combination of styles for each side of the coin for a duo-tone appearance. The customized design of the challenge coins can go beyond the simple choice of material to making it functional, for example as a key chain or a bottle opener.

The presentation of challenge coins as tokens for special occasions can be enhanced to include the use of specially designed PVC pouches and velvet bags, or coin capsules that can be printed with the name of each recipient. The use of special packaging to carry the token is appropriate because it is meant to be kept by the recipient close at hand, for he can be challenged anytime to produce it.

In the military tradition, failure to produce the coin when challenged by a comrade results to the challenged person footing the bill for a round of drinks at the pub. Keeping it close at hand and showing it when challenged means it is the challenger who will foot the bill for the group. You can keep this tradition when giving challenge coins as corporate tokens by developing your own rules while still keeping up with the company tradition that you want to sustain.

If the coin is given as a symbol of excellence, the challenge of the coin can be about dedication and teamwork to complete a job way before a deadline, improve productivity, or provide excellent customer service.

You can establish company traditions using challenge coins, and is your best partner in the creation of lasting, beautifully crafted tokens that every member of your team will certainly cherish.